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Professional Development Workshops

Tualatin Valley Creates offers opportunities for artists and arts organizations to grow their skills and knowledge through professional development workshops.

We are partnering with the Hillsboro Cultural Arts Division and the Beaverton Arts Program for a second year to offer the Creative Impact Workshop Series which encompasses a wide variety of professional development opportunities for artists and people in the creative industries.

Check out the information below for more details.

Creative Impact Workshop Series

 Quick Books for Nonprofits 3-Day Webinar Series

This 3-day webinar course for residents, organizations, artists and service providers in Washington County will cover everything from setting up QuickBooks and entering transactions to advanced uses for the program.

Since 2000, QuickBooks® Made Easy has been teaching QuickBooks® seminars around the country for various groups, including teaching over 3,500 seminars to more than 55,000 students. Gregg S. Bossen, CPA will lead this 3-day webinar course. He is not only an expert in the program, but he is the nation’s leading expert when it comes to Nonprofits that use QuickBooks®. See the schedule below to discover what you’ll learn! 

There are two options for QuickBooks users: online or desktop.

Online Webinar: Nov 19-Nov 21, 2-4pm EST

Desktop Webinar: Nov 12-Nov 14, 2-4pm EST

TVC is helping make this workshop accessible by offering a $100 off coupon for the first 10 people to register (code CWS2020) and a $75 off coupon for the following 10 people to register (code CWS202075 )!

Day 1:

The material will cover the basics of setting up and entering transactions specifically for Nonprofits, an overview of the software updates included in the QuickBooks® 2018 as well as advanced topics including:

• Welcome to QuickBooks – The different choices and which version is right for you.
• What’s new in version 2018 that you may need.
• Getting used to the screens and navigating around.
• A lesson in accounting QuickBooks style!
• Setting up the correct Accounts.
• Entering Your Programs.
• Adding Your Annual Budget.
• Cutting and Pasting from Excel into QuickBooks
• Entering Your Donors, Members or Students.

Day 2:

This section will cover advanced material to really help you do some helpful things:

• Entering Your Income – Two Methods.
• Entering Donations and Grants.
• Entering Membership Dues and Tuition.
• Entering Program Service Revenue.
• How to get the most out of Items.
• Entering and Paying Bills.
• Spreading Costs to Programs/Grants.
• Essential Reports for the Board/Auditor.
• Attaching Scan Documents for free.

Day 3:

This section will cover advanced material to help you do even more amazing things:

• Entering Credit Card activity.
• Tracking Pledges.
• Tracking Restricted Grants.
• Tracking Special Fundraising Events.
• Printing personalized Donor Thank-You Letters directly from QuickBooks®.
• Two Ways to get year-end donor-Acknowledgements.
• Recording In-Kind Contributions.
• Advanced method of Auto-Allocating Expenses to Programs/Grants.
• And More!

*Topics are subject to change.
CPE Credits
Earn CPE Credits! 6.0 Credits for all 3 days! (2.0 each day)

Re-Energizing Arts-Industry Executives and Their Board Members – 1 Day Workshop

Arts leaders across Washington County are looking for ways to re-energize relationships between administrative staff and the boards that serve them. This is not an uncommon predicament for any nonprofit entity; and it can be especially difficult when the lines between governance and passion blur. In response to community members’ requests, Tualatin Valley Creates is bringing James Lussier to host a 1-day workshop on effectively defining best practices for board engagement. 

Lussier has worked with large and small organizations across the state. His workshop will teach attendees about the importance of an effective and proactive approach to governance, how to evaluate the best governance model for specific organizational needs, and identify steps worth pursuing. Lussier points out that understanding the principles of effective board governance, and how it compliments a highly functional management team will certainly ensure an optimum work environment.

When: February 8, 2020, 12:30-4:30pm

Where: Location TBD

Fee: $35.00 registration fee. Advanced registration required.

The Lussier Center/TLC is focused on the quest for personal and organizational performance excellence through the development of governance and leadership that creates the future for their organizations.  James T. Lussier provides counsel and training to boards of directors and senior leadership on governance effectiveness, personal and organizational leadership development and the creation of optimum work environments.

The Lussier Center/TLC relies on a vast body of literature and experience in governance excellence including the experiences of past clients, The Carver Model of Policy Governance as promulgated by John Carver and Mariam Mayhew; the wonderful work of Jamie Orlikoff and Dennis Pointer and the American Governance & Leadership Group; The Governance Institute and many other resources.  All have contributed greatly to a contemporary body of knowledge directed toward the advancement of quality governance and the development of high performance boards of directors. 

In addition, and probably of the greatest value and insight, Jim Lussier can call upon his own experience as a member of multiple governing boards and as a CEO and COO with 36 years experience.  His governance experience includes being a current member of five boards of directors and was a long-time member of the Board of Directors of St. Charles Health Systems (SCHS) where he was President/CEO for fifteen years until July 1, 2004 and as President Emeritus until 2006.  His past governmental board and commission experience include:

  • Chairperson and member of the board of Central Oregon Community College 
  • President and member of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education
  • Member of the Oregon Health Policy Commission

Mr. Lussier was selected as the 2013-14 Rotary District Governor for the region encompassing most of Oregon and Northern California and 73 Rotary Clubs. He is Currently the Curriculum Chair for Club President  Training for the Pacific NW. Jim is also currently an active member of the Volunteers of Medicine Clinic of the Cascades, the City Club of Central Oregon and past member of Facilities Guidelines Institute where he served as Chair of the Research & Development Committee.

Past Workshops in the Creative Impact Series

This workshop provided a one-stop-shop for all the professional services an artist and cultural nonprofit organization needs to thrive. Participants received free access to a variety of services including accounting, financial and legal advice, translation services, photography and video tips, and more.

Representatives from the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council, Cultural Coalition of Washington County, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Miller Foundation, and Precipice Fund shared their insights in this free panel discussion. Participants had face-to-face time with the panelists and learned about local grant opportunities specifically for arts and culture programming in Washington County.

 A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Your Best Grant Proposal

In this hands-on workshop, Gigi Rosenberg demonstrated how to play the matchmaking game with potential funders, enlist a team to help craft a proposal, follow-up with a funder and create a budget. Participants left the workshop ready to draft grant applications.

 Research Resources for the Creative Industry

You may have compelling anecdotes that illustrate the impact of your work, but do you have the data to back it up? Participants learned tips and tricks in this interactive workshop to infuse data into the story of their work. The strategies discussed were designed to help organizations and individuals find greater success in grant writing, appeal letters, and more.

Moving from Invitation to Engagement

We all start from a place of wanting to share our creative work with a broader audience, but does inviting diverse audiences truly make everyone feel welcome?  In this session, participants heard first-hand accounts of what has made people of color and marginalized groups feel truly welcome or unwelcome at arts events. Following a panel of first hand experiences, Sharifa Johka of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival shared concrete examples of how the Shakespeare Festival is addressing equity to become a more inclusive cultural organization.